Flávia Junqueira


1985 Born in São Paulo, Brazil lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil


2023 Symphony of Illusions, Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf 2021 Igrejas barrocas e cavalinhos de Pau, Zipper Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil 2019 .O Absurdo e a Graça, Zipper Galeria, São Paulo Brazil Cuentos. Reiners Contemporary Art, Marbella, Spain 2016 Quando os monstros envelhecem, Zipper Galeria, São Paulo, Brasil [Brazil] . Gorlovka, projeto MIS Itinerante, Ilha Comprida, Brazil 2015 ”Gorlovka”, Programa Itinerâncias “Nova Fotografia” - MIS - Museu da imagem e do som. Santos-SP., Brazil “Em nome do pai”, Oficina Oswald de Andrade. São Paulo-SP., Brazil 2014 .”Gorlovka”, Programa Itinerâncias “Nova Fotografia” - MIS - Museu da imagem e do som. Ribeirão Preto-SP., Brazil 2013 ”Estudo para inversão”. Exposição Individual na Galeria Baró. São Paulo-SP. .”Projeto para Finais Felizes” Temporada de Projetos do Paço das Artes. São Paulo., Brazil ”Sobre o que os objetos falam”. Exposição individual no espaço Cultural A. Yoshii. Londrina. Paraná, Brazil 2012 .”Gorlovka”, Programa Nova Fotografia- MIS - Museu da imagem e do som. .”Party Cloud” - Izolyatsia’s Programa de Exposições Individuais. Donestk-Ucraine. Curadoria: Boris Mikhailov. 2011 .Exposição “Tomorrow i will be born again” – intervenção no “Espace Mu- sique” – Cité Dês Arts, Paris, France “A Casa em Festa” – Galeria – Ibeu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2010 ”A Casa em Festa” – Galeria Zipper, São Paulo, Brazil ”Na Companhia dos Objetos” - Programa de Exposição Individual da Sala Theodoro De Bona - Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Paraná, Brazil

Current exhibition


Flavia Junqueira introduces us to scenes where the real and the fictitious, the physical and the allegorical, the present and the past, the adult and the child, are combined; where History becomes a memory. She creates whimsical and festive imaginary landscapes, where we become immersed in the distant scenery of national culture, feeling the weight of history, listening to the silence of the past. Balloons in her works are the performers taking the stage, whatever the theatre is, be it the street or the sky. Participated in the project of the residency program of the Izolyatsia’s Platform for Cultural Initiatives in the city of Donestk in Ukraine curated by Boris Mikailov (2011), the residence of the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris with support from FAAP (2011), integrated the PIESP Program São Paulo (2010) and worked as a scenography assistant at the São Paulo Scenario of JCSerroni. Among the main projects and collective exhibitions she participated in Culture and Conflict, IZOLYATSIA in Exile; Palais de Tokyo, The World Bank Art Program; Kaunas Photo festival; Individual Exhibition “Tomorrow | will be born again” at Cité Dês Arts; collective “Una mirada latino Americana” from the Photo Espaia project; Paço das Artes project season; Energies in Art Award at the Tomie Otahke Institute, New Photography Program at MIS; Itamaraty Competition; Residence RedBull House of Art; Atêlie Open House, among others. Some of her works integrate museum collections and cultural spaces such as: MAR-RJ, MAM-SP, MIS-SP, MAB-FAAP, Itamaraty Museum, Figueiredo Ferraz Institute, RedBullStation and others. Flávia Junqueira is represented by the Zipper Gallery in São Paulo, Galeria Quadra in Rio de Janeiro, by Reiners Contemporary Art in Spain and Studio Arara in Paris And Lisbon.