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Jun 18, 2024 - Jul 06, 2024

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Michael Tolloy | ANDROS + GYNE
Michael Tolloy’s sculptures are very special types of hybrid beings. On the one hand, they are bound by the art historical tradition, on the other... more

Galactic Railroad
72 pages with a text by Prof. Dr. Georg Imdahl... more

Till Freiwald | ECHO
28 pages with a text by Michael Krethlow... more

Éder Oliveira | Painting - or the Photography as act of Violence
68 pages
published by Kettler Verlag
Editor: Meike Behm and Freundeskreis des Lingener Kunstpreises... more

Michael Tolloy | 9. Triennale der Skulptur | Bad Ragartz
May 4 - Oct. 30, 2024

Over 450 works by 88 artists from all over the world turn Bad Ragaz into a fascinating town of shapes and colours.... more

Düsseldorfer Nacht der Museen
April 27, 2024
The gallery is open for the Düsseldorf Night of Museums from 7 pm to midnight.... more