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In its evolution from realism to gestural abstraction, the work of Daniel Heil (*1988) demonstrates a continuous and deep commitment to the world of nature. The flowing, amorphous forms that have become his trademark seem to pulse with life, like giant amoeba. They vividly document the interaction between the painter and the canvas: a rhythmic, gestural process briefly arrested. Recent works in graphite have intensified this corporeal – even choreographic – dimension. Yet Heil’s paintings, like his small-format drawings, also radiate a meditative stillness. It is precisely this interplay of vivacity and repose that fascinates the artist.

96 pages
Kerber Verlag

David Galloway

Text by
David Galloway,Thomas W. Kuhn

Design by
Marian Fitz / Düsseldorf
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-7356-0413-2

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