Sandra Senn | Museum Langmatt Baden (CH)
Ich stell die Wiese in die Vase

March 1 - August 16, 2020

In early 2020, the Museum Langmatt will be 30 years old. When it first opened its doors to the public, on the 21st of April 1990, people flocked to the Langmatt in order to see the outstanding collection of French Impressionist pictures for the first time. Sidney and Jenny Brown acquired the bulk of their collection between 1908 and 1990. At that time, their subsequent value could not have been foreseen, as the Impressionists were still controversial and much debated even among art experts. They were not welcomed by the wider audience. Thus, the Browns’ main motive can hardly have been one of prestige or of financial gain. The Browns collected art that they loved.

To celebrate the anniversary, we are holding a comprehensive exhibition of the collection entitled “Chamber of the Heart – 30 Years of the Museum Langmatt”. This is a presentation of a wide variety of the most significant and interesting images and objects in the collection in the painting gallery – the “heart chamber” of the Langmatt. What is the Langmatt truly made of? What is the “spirit” behind it? Which artworks represent the heart of the collection? The spectrum ranges from outstanding masterpieces of French Impressionism to selected highlights of artistic craftwork, furnishings, Asian ceramics, silver, and porcelain. As in the era of the Browns, pictures, artistic craftwork, furniture, and carpets are on display in a dense, positively baroque presentation.

Sandra Senn (* 1973 in Baden, currently living there and in Berlin) presents a multi-part text intervention in various spaces and in the historical annex buildings in the park that expresses the many facets of the Langmatt’s characteristic atmosphere.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication released by Hatje Cantz Verlag Berlin and by a brochure on the current work of Sandra Senn.