Till Freiwald // MART Rovereto, Italy
The Other Portrait
curated by Jean-Luc Nancy

October 5, 2013 - January 12, 2014

Jean-Luc Nancy

With The other portrait exhibition at the Mart di Rovereto from 5th October 2013 to 12th January 2014, Jean-Luc Nancy takes a fresh look at the philosophical investigation he began with his book "Le regard du portrait" (2000), and checks whether it still holds true by applying it to the contemporary arts, extending the debate beyond the technical confines of painting and drawing.

The other portrait is thus also a cultural investigation into portraiture, on the visual depiction of self and other, on the philosophy of the subject.
The investigation takes a look at all the artistic techniques, from painting to video, and covers various generations: from the already historicised ones active in the 1950s to emerging artists today.

Starting with the great Italian and foreign portraits of the late 20th century, like Vito Acconci, Alberto Giacometti, Gerhard Richter, Lucien Freud, Francesca Woodman, Giulio Paolini, Thomas Ruff, Shizuka Yokomizo and on to the more recent works of Jeff Wall, Mark Lewis, Barbara Probst, Paolo Meoni, Margot Quan Knight, and to the experimental work of Douglas Gordon and Fiona Tan.

"From the portrait of the other to the other portrait" is the first section in the exhibition; moving in a double and contradictory direction of the portrait between self-introspection and otherness, this is followed by "The distanced portrait", "In search of the portrait"; "The portrait draws near"; "The next portrait, touched"; "The secret portrait"; "The portrait displayed" and, finally, "The absolute portrait".