Junge Kunsthalle Karlsruhe
Boys 'N' Girls

March 16 - September 1, 2013

Participating artists: among other Frank Bauer, Harding Meyer, Ivonne Thein.

Girls and boys are guided by role models but also define themselves by being consciously different and by distancing themselves from conventional clichés. What influence do gender roles passed down from generation to generation still have on kids today? The works by contemporary artists on display at the JungeKunsthalle tackle the themes of childhood, youth, and gender-specific roles and behaviour. In the art lab rooms on the JungeKunsthalle’supper floor, all young visitors are free to try out different styles, make-up, and take snapshots of themselves. The lab provides kids with the chance to learn about and apply various painting techniques. In addition, a rich costume collection gives kids the chance to assume a new identity for a few minutes.