Frank Bauer / Museum Frieder Burda, Baden Baden
"images of people" (Menschenbilder)
November 15, 2012 - January 6, 2013

The exhibition offers a new, exciting look at the Frieder Burda Collection, in which images of people is a recurring motif. All of the selected works take up the theme of figuration and illuminate the rich variety with which the various artists examine it in terms of content and style. The motif “people” runs like a common thread through the exhibition. The combination and comparison of the paintings leads to extraordinary dialogues and surprising points of contact.

Besides paintings by Georg Baselitz, Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke, works will also be presented by Tim Eitel, Almut Heise, Johannes Hüppi, or Simon Pasieka, some of which have never been shown before. The works on display from the Frieder Burda Collection tell of lightness, romanticism, melancholy as well as of aggression and trepidation. They reflect the many facets of human existence and thus evoke the viewer’s emotions and memories.