Mary A. Kelly // MARTa, Herford
May 12 - September 16, 2012

Studio + Kitchen =
Laboratories of the Senses
12 May – 16 September 2012
Opening on Friday, 11 May 2012, 7.30pm

This top-class exhibition developed at Marta Herford addresses the diverse relationship between two creative production centres: the artist’s studio and the kitchen. Connected by the pleasurable use of new materials and ingredients as well as the close involvement of the senses, both these rooms have also undergone a process of transformation over the centuries. Artists’ studios have developed from master craftsmen’s workshops into mysterious studios of brilliant creators and later factory-like studios or multimedia laboratories. And a parallel path has been charted by the kitchen, which has evolved from an archaic fireplace into a rural kitchen-cum-living-room, the small kitchens found in blocks of flats, and modern open high-tech units.

The exhibition covers plenty of ground from sixteenth-century woodcuts of cooks and artists to genre painting and important works of modern and contemporary art. And it focuses on different aspects of the varied relationship between the artist’s studio and the kitchen: as workrooms of unfettered inspiration and alchemy as well as of creative chaos and classificatory thought, and as both representative meeting places and individual retreats.

The project has been developed in conjunction with Prof Hubertus Gassner, the director of Hamburg Kunsthalle.